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2012 Warrior Games Opening Ceremony

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  • 2012 Warrior Games Opening Ceremony
  • 4/30/2012
  • Album ID: 1461628
  • Photos by Jerilee Bennett

Military Spouse Employment Partnership signing ceremony

  • 38 photos
  • Fort Carson hosted a Military Spouse Employment Partnership induction and signing ceremony on Wednesday for 37 local businesses who are committed to attending job fairs, mentoring, targeting jobs, developing portable employment options, and strengthening relationships with military spouses. This is a military wide initiative and commanders from all the local bases were there.
  • 3/21/2012
  • Album ID: 1436970

PPLD's "Homecoming: The Return of the Warrior"

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  • Pictures from East Library's March 20 "Ancient Greeks, Modern Lives" event titled "Homecoming: The Return of the Warrior." Activities included an acting class and staged readings of ancient Greek texts about war like Sophocles' "Ajax" and Homer's "Odyssey," as well as a follow-up discussion.
  • 3/20/2012
  • Album ID: 1437985
  • Photos by Erin Prater

Fort Carson St. Patty's Day Fun Run

  • 27 photos
  • Over 500 runners came out on Friday evening for the St. Patty's Day fun run on Fort Carson
  • 3/16/2012
  • Album ID: 1435352

Mountain Post Run Club 3.14.12

  • 15 photos
  • Every Wednesday Balfour Beatty hosts a run club on Fort Carson to encourage healthier lifestyles. There's a 5k and a 10k option through the foothills of Iron Horse Park. Everest College provides free massages and Borriello Brothers offers a discount on pizza for the runners.
  • 3/15/2012
  • Album ID: 1433361

Captain Ryan Hall funeral

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  • Photos from the funeral for Air Force Captain Ryan Preston Hall Monday, March 12, 2012 at the United States Air Force Academy.
  • 3/12/2012
  • Album ID: 1431840
  • Photos by Nathan Van Dyne

Taiko Drummers at Peterson Air Force Base

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  • The Kyougaku Taiko Drummers performed at Peterson Air Force Base Sunday, March 11, 2012, the one year anniversary of the Japan earthquake. The drummers are touring the USA as part of their "Arigatou" (thank you) World Tour to express Japan's appreciation for US support during the days following the 2011 disaster.
  • 3/11/2012
  • Album ID: 1431248
  • Photos by Mark Reis

Training For Deployment

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  • Soldiers from the 4th BCT, 4th I.D. train for a upcoming deployment to Afghanistan on Thursday, February 9, 2012.
  • 2/12/2012
  • Album ID: 1413744
  • Photos by Jerilee Bennett

Fort Carson opens new Training Support Center

  • 12 photos
  • The planned facility will house over 500 training devices to help Soldiers conduct and become certified in a wide variety of military skills, including how to provide first aid in a combat situation and how to identify and avoid mines and improvised explosive devices. In keeping with the Mountain Postís net zero designation, the new Training Support Center will be built to LEED silver standards, with measures in place to conserve water and energy. Facility construction began in June 2010 and the building was officially completed in December 2011.
  • 2/8/2012
  • Album ID: 1411593

Bird's Birthday Party/Air Force vs UNLV

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  • Air Force Academy mascot Bird celebrates his birthday at halftime at the Academy home basketball game against UNLV
  • 1/29/2012
  • Album ID: 1404537

Tuskegee Airmen Meet and Greet

  • 17 photos
  • Several of the original Tuskegee Airmen were out at the Cinemark off Powers signing autographs before this afternoon's showing of Red Tails
  • 1/20/2012
  • Album ID: 1399293

Bronze Star

  • 18 photos
  • Air Force Academy Major Brent D. McGuire was awarded his 2nd Bronze Star medal for his meritorious achievements near Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, from February 9 - August 8, 2011.
  • 1/6/2012
  • Album ID: 1391093
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